Gregory O Proctor

Life can be messy. It throws curveballs, upends our plans, and sometimes feels like it’s spinning us around in a dizzying whirlwind. But in the thick of all this chaos we create in our heads and the worries that permeate through our life, ever present and everso challenging, we must learn to create balance. We must focus on our circle of influence and the things within our immediate reach of hand to sift and sort through. Understandably so, finding purpose can feel like searching for a single flickering candle in a blackout. But heres the best part- That purpose has  always been there, it has just been waiting to be discovered!

Think of chaos not as an obstacle, but as fertile ground to forge your hard-headed persistence. Let it fuel you, and let it engulf you. This is where you’ll learn to surprise yourself and find unexpected opportunities. You’ll find that a little peek within you will help temper you, shapes your character, and ultimately reveal what truly matters.

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