Gregory O Proctor

The Importance of Support Systems

I want you to imagine a lone oak tree that stands tall on a dreary, grim and desolate mountain. It is exposed to the merciless elements of nature. This tree will see many years and weather many storms to come, but standing alone, it’s chances are slim to none. What a lonely existence it might bear. But picture it the other way, that same oak nestled within a thriving forest. Supported by the roots of its neighbors, sheltered by their branches, and nourished by shared soil, it stands strong and resilient. This is the power of a support system.

We are all interwoven and connected with the lives of those around us. It is undeniable. Human beings are not meant to live solitary, neither do they thrive alone. You might learn to survive, but within you, you are withering away and by the time you realize it, you have created a void so deep it is impossible to fill. Connections with people, they matter. A strong support system is going to be your shield, deflecting some of the curve balls life throws at you and making the rest bearable. Just as a vine needs a trellis to reach its full potential, it is the same for us human beings, who are in the end just as dependent on the support of another.

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